U.S. Armory Corps is fully license to supply defense articles to Federal Agencies, Governments and Contractors, foreign and domestic. The supply and communications with regards to defense articles is subject to the rules and regulations of the DDTC and ITAR. U.S. Armory Corps can provide both NATO Standard and NON-Standard weaponry, armored vehicles, aviation equipment and and munitions.


Wholesale and Distributor inquiries are welcome. We import surplus and new production ammunition, weapons and parts for the civilian market. If you have a specific product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we have the ability to locate and import most surplus ammunition and weapons parts available today around the world. We do not sell less than one single 20' shipping container of product at a time, unless other specific arrangements have previously been made. For smaller orders please contact our retail partner and subsidiary USAC Sales at: U.S. Armory Corps will also offer our import services to any U.S. based third parties. Please contact us for pricing and arrangements.


Please visit our exclusive retail partner USAC Sales for store-front-dealer and retail sales. USAC Sales offers dealer discounts to all Federal Firearms Licensees.

If you own an ammunition or sporting goods store that does not have an Federal Firearms License, please contact USAC Sales directly as you may still qualify for a dealer discount. USAC Sales also offers Military and Law Enforcement discounts on some of their products. Again, please contact them directly for more information about programs, offers and discounts on products which they sell.